Workshop Local Project Challenge: building spaces together

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    • Maju terus Pantang menyerah, Tuhan pasti memberkatimu!

      Ervina Hadiprijono (Jember, Indonesia)
    • I think this project shows the real importance of architecture!How architecture is made thinking for the people who will use it, and how their opinions do matter!This is about to construct a better city, where everyone can achieve to say how they mostly feel at home in.

      Keila Aurea Ramos de Almeida (Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro)
    • The studies and methods carried out are fundamental for the construction of equally fair and sustainable cities. The processes of listening and affective reading of the territory were very rich and certainly can result in the construction of spaces that are really adequate to the needs of users.

      Ana Caroline Oliveira (Aracaju, Sergipe)
    • This project was developed in a conflictuos district and reflects a common effort linking university and community members to enable those involved to face a design challenge.

      Vera R. Tangari (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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Local Project Challenge