Valparaiso: Inner City Revitalization


    • CHL goes above and beyond to serve the community and assist people with their housing needs

      Karen Conrades (Gold Coast, Australia)
    • Such an outstanding project with amazing results.

      Angel Lamprecht (Melbourne, Australia)
    • What a wonderful project giving hope to families who lost so much in the fires.

      Frances Paterson-Fleider (Australia)
    • I love watching CHL’s amazing work all over the world, they are an amazing company that does wonderful work for people that truly need it.

      Sarvenaz (Melbourne)
    • Wonderful work from CHL in providing this much needed housing.

      Shauna Larkin (Pacific Pines, Australia)
    • Helping people moving forward with their life after a devastating event, fantastic work from CHL!

      Angelique Le Signor (Gold Coast, Australia)
    • An excellent example of how working together on different levels achieves good outcomes for everyone.

      Oscar Norton (HADSPEN, TAS)
    • Doing what CHL does best. Seeking to create effective partnerships that result in providing housing for people most in need. What a brilliant project.

      Cherie (Bairnsdale, Australia)
    • CHL is a company that have a genuine interest in helping people in need. Brilliant project which provides wonderful outcome for people in need.

    • Well done CHL – walking the talk by truly recognising the value of partnerships and community-led work that results in great, affordable housing solutions.

      Amanda Murray (Sydney, Australia)

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