The Anganwadi Project


    • The Anganwadi Project (TAP) has been an incredibly positive addition to community life, inspiring the hearts and lives of all who come into contact with it – near and far.

      I first became aware of TAP through a public talk and was delighted to see the colourfully unique and practical results of a clear and well-intended vision to help communities in need, clever design and team work. What was clear in the presentation is that the success of TAP is inextricably linked to the trust, belief and commitment of local communities who, when given the support, are highly motivated to and engaged with improving living standards in their respective communities.

      In addition to the schools built and families supported, the cultural exchange and opportunity for budding Architects and professionals to take a step back from their day-to-day and broaden their professional experience makes it even more valuable.

      May TAP flourish into the future with continued support.

      Fiona Louise (Sydney, Australia)
    • Such a worthwhile cause. As a teacher it is awesome to see such projects that give the kids so much.

      Fiona Haviland (Australia)
    • Congrats on this wonderful project-more than heartwarming!

      Anne Collin (Usa)

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