Orchard Lisle Living Wall


    • The living wall has made a huge difference to the local community and the medical students living in the building. The building is a short walk from London Bridge and Borough Market close to the terror attacks. The living wall has made a narrow street inviting and broken up the hard landscape contributing to mental wellbeing. Green spaces don’t have to be on the ground. Safer communities supporting young people at University. Please vote for this scheme it is invaluable to the area.

      Jane Crouch (LONDON )
    • The living wall brings to life an otherwise dark space within the Guy’s campus to life.

      Dipannita Betal (London)
    • Great project – looking at making our urban realm more sustainable.

      Nadia Broccardo (London)
    • The area has a lack of green space and high levels of air pollution. Many people locally benefit including students and the hospital patients and visitors from the many benefits that the green wall brings.

      Kat Thorne (London, UK)

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