Mumbai’s Port Lands Re-imagined

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    • Excellent work, It is a very good proposal for future execution too

      Vijay Agrawal (Nashik)
    • Good work..such ideas are the need of the hour

      Ar.dhananjay shinde (Nashik.india)
    • Good work..such ideas are the need of the hour.

      Ar.dhananjay shinde (Nashik.india)
    • Really good work. Definitely need to thought & work out. Thanks & all the very best to team.

      Atul Bohora (Nashik, India )
    • Really excellent work. All the best

      Sanjay Ratnaparkhi (Nashik, India)
    • It’s great to see the participation and efforts of the students to make cities resilient and sustainable. Best wishes !

    • just like Mumbai wants to have a statue higher than statue of liberty, it should also have a park bigger than New York central park.
      All this area should be converted into a park to improve the quality of life. Keep it away from land sharks.

      Abhinav (Bhopal, India)
    • Excellent… keep it up and hoping to see much more better aamchi Mumbai

      Amey Zaverchand Sheth (Dubai)

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