Living Community Veridian at County Farm

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    • This is a project that will show how we can successfully generate and use energy in a local, community way. It will show us a better future.

      Mark Cryderman (Brighton, MI. USA)
    • An exquisite plan that reflects Nature’s sustainability through diversity and collaborative leadership. Thanks for your commitment to create and model a living future for all.

      Yoshimi Brett (Auckland, New Zealand)
    • This project has involved citizens along every step, from being members of the committee to make a recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners (BOC), to organizing and participating in the public engagement process including outreach to the existing neighborhoods boardering the land, and the public input directly to the BOC as they considered all the proposals for use of the land. We as neighbors are delighted to have been included in the process to date, to have the recommendations we made be acted upon and are looking forward to our continued involvement as it becomes a reality.

      Jeannine Palms (Ann Arbor)
    • I’ve waited nearly 50 years for a net zero living community to be born. A vision becoming reality to engage, participate in and inspire others to believe and make more of.

      Ted Braude (Royal Oak, USA)
    • I’ve waited nearly 50 years for a net zero living community to be born. A vision becoming reality to engage, participate in and inspire others.

      Ted Braude (Royal Oak, USA)
    • Veridian at County Farm is a Living Community Challenge powered by the International Living Future Institute, who promotes the most ambitious (and, if I may say, the only truely effective) visionary programs for the built environment.

    • The Veridian project offers tremendous promise to take sustainable building to the next level–a sustainable community meeting the rigorous standards of the Living Community Challenge of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). The Veridian team have been very helpful with our own sustainable building project “Burh Becc at Beacon Springs Farm,” which is now the 2nd residence worldwide to meet 100% of the Living Building Challenge of the ILFI. Can’t wait to see the completion of Veridian at County Farm, just down the road. A giant next step forward in our common quest for a healthy, sustainable living environment.

    • The Veridian project will be a model for the entire country.

      Erica Ackerman (Ann Arbor)
    • Matt and his crew are visionaries -this project demonstrates in real time, what is, in fact, possible- if we can gather the political will & the collective intelligence to make it happen.
      Not later, but now.
      This project turns future possibility into a present reality – it is “proof of concept” leadership that we desperately need right now.

      Kath Weider (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
    • The Veridian project exemplifies the type of community that all developers need to consider designing in order to address many of our most pressing social and environmental issues.

    • Veridian is truly a holistic approach to sustainable living in its broadest sense. It will raise the bar for new developments around the world.

      John Mirsky (Ann Arbor)
    • The time has come for Veridian, and a watershed of projects that should follow in their bold footsteps toward an inclusive, equitable, and fossil fuel free future. Thank you for fighting the good fight in Michigan – propelling the Living Community Challenge forward.

      Michael Berrisford (Summerland, Canada)
    • A zero waste housing development is finally coming to Ann Arbor, and we here at Recycle Ann Arbor couldn’t be more thrilled. Veridian is ready to re-write the play book on sustainable zero waste systems. Waste is preventable, not inevitable, and Veridian understands this. Their project will provide a “how-to” guide for other housing developments that we can use to demolish the myth that zero waste is only an aspiration and not realistically achievable.

    • Veridian at County Farm is a singularly unique project in its wholesale adoption of triple bottom line-incorportated infrastructure. Hopefully it will not be singular for long, and others will channel their inspiration into subsequent projects! In the meantime I will support Veridian as much as possible.

      Kalina Matossian (San Mateo, CA)

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