Kibera Public Space Project

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    • There’s a big change in Kebera through KDI clear process and procedures. The projects are sustainable. KDI needs to win this to continue in upgrading and bringing big change in Kibera.

    • I vote for KDI to win this opportunity because they are doing great job of upgrading and bringing changes in Kibera by co-designing projects and constructing together. The projects are sustainable to dates.

    • I propose K.D.I to win that opportunity because they are making progress and change invelonment Clean and safety for the communities in kibera. so that they will continue working with the community groups. So good and hard working.

      Julius marege (NAIROBI KENYA)
    • You guys are at the front line in doing a good work. You have transformed polluted, unsafe sites into vibrant assets at Kibera. Keep doing the good work. We love what you do!

      Mussa Raido (Dar es Salaam Tanzania)
    • As an early childhood development journalist in Kibera, children need safe spaces they can play well and safe to maximize on their early years. KDI is giving this opportunity to thousand of children in Kibera. Happy to vote for them

      Thomas Bwire (Kenya)

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