ICT Women's Center


    • This ICT Centre is going to be the beacon model in empowering women across india. This centre is powered through solar source of energy–they practice sustainable ways. The women after taking part in the training have expressed immense satisfaction in upgrading their life skills and the way the centre has instilled confidence among them. Kudos to the District Collector and the project team.

      UditShankar Basani (Hyderabad, India)
    • It’s is a very good institute for ladies who can learn about computers, new things , security, and can do job by the knowledge.

      Shabana samreen
    • Good initiative and usefull to the people who are in need

    • I had the opportunity to visit the ICT Women’s Center and found it to not only be accepting and well-developed, but also an environment which fostered robust learning. I truly believe the skills taught in the classes will benefit the women in their future career endeavours.

      Neha P (Plainsboro)

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