Affordable Housing and Slum Upgrading Scheme


    • Smart and timely concept. Great potential to benefit the underpriviledged communities.

      Mehebuba Marshia (Bangladesh)
    • It’s an on point project. I believe housing is one of the biggest challenges Indonesia are facing nowadays, like a chronic unsolved issue. I am totally agree how urbanisation make our problems get even worse. It is brilliant to come up with this idea that can be used by housing practitioners in Indonesia. Indonesia absolutely need this kind of project.

      Tasha (Surabaya, Indonesia)
    • Proverbs 3:5 New International Version (NIV)
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      and lean not on your own understanding
      Jesus Bless You

    • I consider this project insightful. Slum has long becoming challenge for our country, Indonesia. Though Surabaya government seems to have tackle some of them, they still have plenty of homework they never admit. It suppose to becoming our focus for a better future.

      Sume Ayu Halim (Surabaya, Indonesia)
    • Maju terus pantang menyerah, Tuhan pasti memberkatimu!

      Ervina Hadiprijono (Jember, Indonesia)
    • Proyek bagus sekali…
      Sangat membuat Indonesia bisa maju…
      Semangat Siska, Siska pasti bisa..
      Tuhan memberkati…

      Fanny Purnomo (Indonesia, Surabaya)
    • It is much appreciated. Slum would avail the opportunities.

      Nigar Sultana (Manchester, UK)

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