A Spatial healthcare solution for the Kiwanyi Community


    • Health workers reaching the sick and each of the patients refers another for care. This is the project at each of the community person’s heart.

      Michael Webba Lwetabe (Kampala)
    • A sustainable project with a holistic approach to Healthcare. The project has increased access to affordable healthcare and has reduced the burden of seeking care from far distances saving delay in diagnosing and bringing timely treatment to the very poor

      Isaac Mubezi (Uganda)
    • A health project meeting the health needs of hard to reach rural poor communities

      Baveewo (Uganda, Kampala)
    • A health project for the hard to reach rural poor communities

      Baveewo (Uganda, Kampala)
    • They have done there level best to ensure better and improved health amongst the people of kiwanyi

      Muvunye Brian
    • Good health care , sustainable to rural poor people who cannot afford health care in urban center.thanks to the proprietor to bring healthy care service near to the people.

      Ssanja martin (Uganda)
    • With the challenges of accessing proper medicare facing the Kiwanyi community and beyond, this project is a Godsend. Quality healthcare shouldn’t be just a dream for the poor rural folks. This project is surely destined to change all that, getting the services that are currently hundreds of kilometres away to the community and at an affordable cost.

      Aziz (Iganga, Uganda)
    • The community people want and need this facility. Let’s see how much more valuable it will be with maternity and surgical capabilities! So glad to support this, I have voted.

      Randolph Watkins (Seattle USA)
    • As a health care provider and manager I find this project the best as it brings health services nearer to the hard to reach and underserved rural people. Thus bridging the gaps in access and utilization of the services as well increasing the scope of services available to the community. All these will lead to realization of universal health coverage.

      Dr Omara Jammy (Paidha, Uganda)

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